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New website launch!


I’m very pleased to announce that my long-overdue portfolio refresh is now live! I’ve been working on this for what feels like ages now – and finally the crappy holding page is no more; a fully-functioning portfolio sits in its place.

Go check it out at tim-george.co.uk and let me know what you think!

Jam with Chrome – one of my projects of the year

Jam with Chrome / Illustrator unknown, Google, 2012

Google have bloody well gone and done it again.

‘Jam’, their latest Chrome Experiment, is simply incredible. Just go and play with it, and tell me you don’t grin from ear to ear.

The concept is simple, but the execution is perfect. Pick an instrument (there are 19), and start clicking around to make sounds. This might not sound exciting, but flick on the ‘auto play’ settings. Tune starts sounding pretty good, huh? You can start mixing things up by changing the chords, key, tempo, and effects. It’s intuitive, responsive, and immensely satisfying.

But where things get really, really cool, is when you invite a friend to your jam. In real time, the two (or three, or four) of you can play together. And it sounds awesome.

It works seamlessly too, if you have a decent connection. Throw into the mix some really gorgeous illustrations (I can’t find who did these anywhere! If you know, please tell me in the comments!), nice typography, and really satisfying UI touches, you’ve got yourself one hell of a project.

Bravo indeed.

***UPDATE: from what I can find on the web, the superb illustrations were handled by Rob Bailey from Manchester***

More illustrations below:

Oh yeah, and there’s a really sweet video to promote the whole thing. Boom.

Sennep website

Sennep.com, 2012

The new Sennep website is now live. Go check it out!

Lotta Nieminen

(Top) Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer branding / Lotta Niemenen, 2009

(Above) Illustration for Kela / Lotta Niemenen, 2010

Finnish-born, NYC-based designer Lotta Nieminen has recently launched her new site, which has been getting masses of attention online. For good reason – she has an astonishingly good portfolio, of both graphic design and illustration, and the new site is a slick, elegant, beautiful way to show it off.

UW Design 2012

Student work (various) / UW Design, 2012

A really impressive range of student work, and a pretty cool portfolio site to show it off, can be found over at the University of Washington, Seattle. Nice stuff.

David Ryle

From ‘Space Coast’ / David Ryle, 2012

David Ryle has a stunning portfolio of photography, and a superb website to show it off, courtesy of Present Studio.

Via This Is Collate

Manual website update

Loose Leaf Editions, Adroid ADK, Wo Hing branding / Manual, 2012

San Francisco-based Tom Crabtree – AKA Manual – has got a brand new website featuring new projects. Loose Leaf Editions is particularly stunning – a new large-format publication, available to buy here.

The site is superb, one of the nicest design portfolios I’ve seen. Built by Archive.