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Nanoblocks Space Center

Space Center / Nanoblocks

So far on this blog, 2012 seems to mainly be me geeking out over Space Shuttle related things. I do apologise.

But when they’re this cool, can you blame me? Nanoblocks is like Lego, only smaller. Really small. I just built the space shuttle kit, above, and it’s pretty fiddly stuff. Good fun for the kid/engineer in all of us.

Available here.

Lego Architecture Series

Architecture – Landmark Series / Lego, 2011

Architecture + Lego. Boom.

I Lego NY

I Lego NY / Christoph Niemann, 2009

Great little Lego sculptures from Christoph Niemann. Some work better than others; this one made me smile the most, although that may be down to the use of the word ‘critter’.

In this month’s CR.

Parrot AR.Drone

Parrot AR.Drone / Expected: 2010

Oh my god. Is this the coolest toy that’s ever been invented? The Parrot AR.Drone is a remote-controlled quadricopter controlled by your iPhone. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, it has an onboard camera for ‘drone view’ on your phone screen, which can then be used to play games via the use of A.R. (Augmented Reality). Amazing.

Discovered by the guys at ISO50.