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Anton Stankowski

Poster design / Anton Stankowski, 1957

Beautiful work by German designer Anton Stankowski. Born in 1906, Stankowski worked in Switzerland & Germany either side of WWII. He died in 1998, after receiving many honours for his remarkable body of work.

I’m surprised that his work is relatively unknown in the UK, considering the current renaissance of many of his colleagues such as Max Bill and Richard P Lohse. I’d never heard of him before. Thankfully there’s a good selection of his work to browse through here.

Another great discovery from ISO50.

Aurèle Sack

Some lovely Swiss work from Aurèle Sack, and a brilliantly simple website to showcase it.

Hello world

Grammo-Grafik / Gottlieb Soland, 1957

What better way to start a blog than with one of my favourite posters of all time.