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Space Shuttle / Lego System, 1992

I found this recently. I will definitely be building it.

Celebrating the Shuttle

And what with all the talk of the Shuttle retiring, here’s a little preview of a project I’m currently working on…

Discovery retires

Discovery is retired / Photos by Justin Ray

So, the Space Shuttle program is over. After 30 years and 135 missions, NASA is retiring the last 3 orbiters. These stunning pictures by Justin Ray for Spaceflight Now show Discovery stripped of its engines in Florida. Over the next year the machine will be made safe for display, in preparation for delivery to the Smithsonian Museum.

I first saw these images on ISO50, where Scott very eloquently summarises his view of the Shuttle program:

“I wonder what we all gained growing up in a world where the Shuttle existed. I know it was a big part of my consciousness as a kid and probably had something to do with how I felt about my national identity. For me it symbolized the combined efforts of some of our greatest minds collectively reaching for a better understanding of the world we live in. For some — and perhaps rightly so — it probably represented a colossal waste of resources in the face of more earthly problems. Maybe it was both, but I’ll personally miss it as a symbol of what we as humans can achieve when we work together.”

Shuttle Retirement Party

Space Shuttle Endeavour

With Endeavour set to launch for the final time this Monday at 8.56am EDT, and Atlantis preparing for the last ever Shuttle mission in June, The Book Club in London are having a Space Shuttle Retirement Party, celebrating NASA’s remarkable achievement of 30 years of Space Shuttle flight.

To coincide with the launch of Endeavour, there will be a reading from space expert Piers Bizony, plus an insight from photographer David Ryle, and a screening of the documentary Space Shuttle Parking Lot

Discovery Launches on STS-131

STS-131 / Launch 5 April 2010, 6:21am EDT

Space Shuttle Discovery launched as planned this morning to visit the ISS on mission STS-131. She will deliver a multi-purpose logistics module, full of science equipment for the Station’s laboratories. The crew will also perform 3 spacewalks to service and upgrade parts of the ISS.

Only 3 more Shuttle missions are planned following STS-131.

STS-131 is ‘go’ for launch

Space Shuttle Discovery / STS-131

Discovery is currently sitting on the pad ready for launch on Monday at 6.21am EST (that’s 11.21am UK time). I will be spending my Easter Monday morning watching the launch live on NASA TV, oh yes.

In other absurdly geeky space news, here is a photo of my completed card model of the Space Shuttle stack:

This is a 1:144 model of Columbia from STS-3, the third space shuttle mission, 22 March 1982. The kit was downloaded from the excellent AXM Models and constructed from print-outs on A4 160gsm card. It’s only a trial run really (some of the joins are very messy); I’m going to build a better one from A3 prints so it will be bigger and more awesome.

AXM Paper Space Models

NASA STS paper model / 1:144 scale / AXM Paper Space Scale Models

Oh my god. Is this the most awesome website ever? Free downloads and instructions on how to build these amazing models!