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Constructivist architecture models

Constructivism models / University of Western Australia, 2014

 Soviet Avant-Garde Constructivist models / University of Western Australia, 2014

Wow, some insanely cool Soviet Constructivist models made by students from the University of Western Australia. So nice!

Soviet Ekranoplan

Soviet Ekranoplan / 1980s

Belive it or not, this incredible-looking vehicle is real, and actually worked. It’s an ‘Ekranoplan’, or Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV), developed by the Soviet Union in the 70s and 80s. By exploiting a cushion of high-pressure air, this contraption was able to fly at high speed just above the ocean. Not quite a plane and not quite a ship, it was undetecable by radar and very, very quick. Check out some footage on YouTube and these incredible photos of a now decaying Ekranoplan somewhere in Russia.

Artificial Owl

Abandoned Submarine base, Ukraine & abandoned WWII bunker, New Jersey

I realised that I haven’t posted Artificial Owl up on here before. If you haven’t visited, it really is one of the most awesome resources on the web: stunning photos and descriptions of the coolest abandoned man-made structures throughout the world.

Some of the military buildings from WWII and the Cold War really are incredible, such as the abandoned submarine base, pictured top. Apparently this base was designed to be indestructible, able to survive a direct nuclear strike. These days it’s actually open for public tours. Most of the others are relics but each site is presented with an exact GPS so you can visit if you’re in the neighbourhood.