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New bike posters

The 101st Tour De France / Tim George, 2014

The 101st Tour De France / Tim George, 2014

In case you hadn’t heard, the Tour de France is starting next week, in England! Say what?! The teams will be completing 3 stages in the UK, beginning in Yorkshire and finishing in London, before moving on to France. Exciting stuff!

To celebrate, Magnolia Box have got a brand new collection of bike-themed artwork for sale. I’m delighted to be a part of their selection, with 3 posters: my original “Life’s Better On Two Wheels” print, a new yellow edition to celebrate the Tour, and a BRAND NEW piece, shown above, depicting the teams taking part in this year’s race.

Thanks to James at Magnolia Box for sorting everything out. You can buy the prints now, and they’ll also be on display at Hoxton North in Harrogate from next week.

The 101st Tour De France / Tim George, 2014

Tom Eckersley – Master of the Poster

Greetings / Tom Eckersley, 1983

Greetings / Tom Eckersley, 1983

Hello 2014!

A nice one to start the year: the London College of Communication have just unveiled a fantastic exhibition celebrating a truly great British designer. They are displaying 40 original posters by Tom Eckersley, marking the centenary of his birth and celebrating his contribution to British post-war design.

It’s only running for January, so get down to LCC as soon as you can!

USA Travel Series

Travel Series / The Heads of State, 2012

Some really nice screen-printed posters by The Heads of State.

Super 8 Shuttle Poster

Space Shuttle poster / NASA Space Facts

So I saw the new JJ Abrams movie Super 8 last night. It was good fun overall.

But the most exciting part for me was the awesome Space Shuttle poster on Joe’s bedroom wall. I would love to own this! There’s a pretty good high-res scan on the Super 8 Tumblr which will have to do for now.

Oh yeah, one criticism. Nerd alert! The movie is set in 1979, but the poster clearly dates from after this, as it describes Columbia’s first mission in 1981.

Y’know, just saying.

Manual + Process Journal

Process Journal limited poster / Manual, 2010

Just discovered this achingly beautiful print by Tom Crabtree of SF-based Manual. Produced to accompany edition 3 of Process Journal, in response to the theme of ‘finding inspiration’. Edition of 100.

Lovely high-res images over at September Industry.

The Small Stakes

Flight of the Conchords tour poster / The Small Stakes, 2010

Another exquisite poster from Jason Munn AKA The Small Stakes. How he can capture so much personality in those two birds, with such minimal detail, truly shows a master of his craft.

There’s a good interview with Jason on Grain Edit.

Anton Stankowski

Poster design / Anton Stankowski, 1957

Beautiful work by German designer Anton Stankowski. Born in 1906, Stankowski worked in Switzerland & Germany either side of WWII. He died in 1998, after receiving many honours for his remarkable body of work.

I’m surprised that his work is relatively unknown in the UK, considering the current renaissance of many of his colleagues such as Max Bill and Richard P Lohse. I’d never heard of him before. Thankfully there’s a good selection of his work to browse through here.

Another great discovery from ISO50.