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2012 NYC Subway Map

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012

Uh oh. Check out this re-released print of the famous NYC subway map, originally designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1972, updated in 2012. Printed in vivid Pantone and Hexachrome inks on archival cover-weight paper.

Also coming soon are these great ‘detail’ posters, showing sections of the map blown up and tightly cropped. No word on pricing for those yet…

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012


London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum photography / 2012

Just uploaded some new photos to my Flickr. If you haven’t been to the London Transport Museum, and you’re in any way interested in graphic design, maps, posters, or typography… get down there¬†right now.

Herb Lester Associates

Hello Chicago, You Are Here, When we think of Berlin

Charming city maps available from London-based Herb Lester Associates.

London Architour

London Architour / 2009

Lately I’ve been working on this, my own guide to London’s best buildings. There’s no real rules to it, I just add any building that fascinates me. Mostly this ends up being post-war, Modernist and Brutalist structures, but there’s a range of other styles in there too. I’m (hopefully) planning to make a project out of this soon, it’s become an obsessive need to visit every location and photograph it. It could take me some time…