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Tokyo — Greg White

Tokyo / Greg White, 2014

Tokyo / Greg White, 2014

Tokyo / Greg White, 2014

Some more updates from photographer Greg White – check out these absolutely stunning shots from Tokyo.



ICC Kyoto

ICC Kyoto / Cristoffer Rudquist, 2014


ICC Kyoto / Cristoffer Rudquist, 2014

Stunning photography of the International Conference Centre in Kyoto, built in 1966, by Cristoffer Rudquist.


Kazadokei / Nendo, 2008

Lovely clock by Nendo. This bad boy is 2m tall and has a 1.5m second hand.

Via Dezeen.

TDK Japanese Packaging

TDK MiniDisc packaging / Japan

This awesome packaging almost makes me want to see the MiniDisc make a comeback and overthrow the iPod. I love the colours and type. I also love the product info:

— Express powerful and high resolution sound

— Uncompromising reliability indoors and out

It drives your heart actively and emotionally

Yes, yes it does.

Nagakin Capsule Tower

Nagakin Capsule Tower, Tokyo / Kisho Kurokawa, 1972

Absolutely stunning architecture from 1970s Japan.

Via GrainEdit.

Jason Koxvold

Kawasaki, Japan / Jason Koxvold, 2009

Some really stunning photography by Jason Koxvold.