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Designing UX for wearables

Bus O'Clock for Apple Watch / Sennep, 2015

Bus O’Clock for Apple Watch / Sennep, 2015

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Apple have now released WatchKit so that developers can begin building apps for the Apple Watch, due to be released next spring. Here at Sennep we’ve already begun work on adapting our popular iOS app Bus O’Clock for the wrist, and so far it’s proving an interesting challenge! It’s the first time I’ve ever had to design something for such a ridiculously small area – it really forces you consider what information is crucial to the user, and when they should see it. In some ways it’s enjoyable being so ruthless. Hopefully the app should be fun to use and really useful… we’re looking forward to seeing it take shape next year!

Check out the teaser video now

If the Moon were 1 pixel

If the Moon were 1 pixel / Josh Worth, 2014

If the Moon were 1 pixel / Josh Worth, 2014

A really nicely done, pixel-perfect representation of our Solar System by Josh Worth. Amazing stuff.


Reporter / Feltron, 2014

Reporter / Feltron, 2014

Reporter is a beautiful new iOS app by the mighty Feltron, master of the annual report, designed to help you track various aspects of your life. Really nice flat UI and super quick & easy to use.

Manual rethink US road signage

US road signage rethink / Manual, 2012

Great project by San Francisco-based Manual – rethinking the US road signage system. I love it when designers approach such enormous and seemingly impossible tasks. I’d be interested to see if implementing this could ever be achieved. That’s a whole lot of signs to re-make.

UW Design 2012

Student work (various) / UW Design, 2012

A really impressive range of student work, and a pretty cool portfolio site to show it off, can be found over at the University of Washington, Seattle. Nice stuff.

Feltron 2010 Annual Report

Feltron 2010 Annual Report / Nicholas Felton, 2011

Got my copy of this year’s Feltron report in the post recently, and it’s an absolute beauty. Chronicling the life of his father, Nicholas Felton has once again demonstrated he’s a true master of precise, beautiful, and humourous information design.

Look at it here. Sadly sold out.

Photo from this guy’s Flickr.

Inception infographic

Inception / Rick Slusher, 2010

This is a really fine example of clear, concise, instantly-understandable infomation graphics. By Rick Slusher of New York, winner of a competition by Co Design.

The Feltron Report 2009

The Feltron Annual Report / Nick Felton, 2009

I cannot believe I haven’t come across the work of Nick Felton before. The man’s a genius. Each year he collates data on various aspects of his life and presents it in a beautiful report. I’m stunned no one has directed me to this before, considering the similarities to when I catalogued every gig I’ve ever been to. Beautiful stuff.

You can read a bit about the history of the project here, and see this year’s report being lovingly printed/letterpressed here.

The Happiness Index

The Facebook Happiness Index / USA, 2009

This is an interesting idea. By monitoring all 100 million American Facebook users, this graph has been calculated from the positive or negative nature of status updates throughout the year, revealing the nation’s mood on different days.