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Ready, Steady, Play

Ready, Steady, Play / Animade, 2014

Ready, Steady, Play / Animade, 2014

Animade have just released their new game Ready, Steady, Play, and to celebrate here’s a ridiculously great animation.

Watch now

Monument Valley

Monument Valley / UsTwo, 2014

Monument Valley / UsTwo, 2014

Monument Valley, the stunning new iOS game from UsTwo. Out now!

OLO update!

OLO update / Sennep, 2012

Today sees the launch of OLO v 1.2 – update your game now from the app store!

I was lucky enough to work on some designs for the update, including a few of the little guys you see here. Get flicking, and win achievements to unlock them!

OLO is free for a limited time


OLO / Sennep, 2012

OLO, the social game of skill & strategy, is now FREE for a limited time! Normally priced at £1.49, now you can download the game here, and become hopelessly addicted, for nothing!

Download it now for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Also keep an eye out next week for a cool update to the game!

OLO out now!

OLO / Sennep, 2012

It’s been a while since I last posted, but here’s some exciting news — OLO, the fantastic multiplayer strategy game by Sennep, is out now. Get it from the App Store; trust me, you will be hooked!

Sword & Sworcery

S:S&S EP / Superbrothers, 2011

I just started playing this iPad game by Superbrothers – it’s a staggeringly beautiful piece of work. Gorgeous visuals and awesome music, check it out.

F–Sim Space Shuttle

F–Sim Space Shuttle / Sascha Ledinsky, 2011

Admittedly this iOS shuttle landing simulator has been around for a while now, but I only just got round to downloading it. If you’re interested in the space shuttle at all, you have to get this app, it’s absolutely stunning! And currently on sale at the ridiculous price of 69p.

I remember the days when a flight sim game of this realism and quality could expect to sell for £20–30 on PC. Thank you, App Revolution.