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Just Us blog

I’ve been asked to be a contributor to the blog at Just Us. Last year I was a member of the excellent design collective, which was conceived as a coming together of third-year design students from across the country. This year it will be growing into a bigger and better online community, showcasing the best of last year’s “alumni”, a fresh batch of new talent, and features such as the blog.

Things may get a little quieter on my own blog, as I’ll post the most exciting design / illustration / photography / architecture stuff on Just Us. But hey, their blog looks a lot nicer than mine. And I’ll still be updating this with inane news about my personal design work, and other nerdy stuff that I’m into, like NASA and Apple news.

Check out Just Us now!

Peep Show – new website

Some excellent work from the Peep Show crew, showcased on their new website.

Via It’s Nice That.

Vis/res — issue 02

Vis/res — issue 02

Issue 02 is coming in February 2010 and we’ve got some really exciting contributors lined up.


Vis/res — issue 01

Vis/res — issue 01, November 2009

Craig‘s just got 100 copies of vis/res back from the printers and they’re looking really nice! Available to buy now from www.visr.es for only £3 each.

Vis/res — update

Vis/res issue 01 — update

There you go, a tiny sneak peak of my page for the first issue of vis/res. I’m really pleased with how everything’s looking and can’t wait to see the finished publication. The list of incredibly talented contributors for the first issue is:

Craig Matchett / Harry Nesbitt / Sam Little / Fiona Dunphy Andrew Winter / Jamie McDonald / Phil Kiel / Michael Cottage / Sarah McGreevy


Vis/res issue 01

Visual Resonance is a brand new zine established by a friend of mine from Liverpool, Craig Matchett. The zine is going to be a collaborative effort between some really talented illustrators and graphic designers, showcasing some exciting work. Craig’s asked me to be a part of it and so far issue 01 is shaping up to be really great. Look out for updates soon and check out the website, www.visr.es.