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Adrift / Simon Christen, 2013

Adrift is a stunning time-lapse film of the San Francisco bay area, as mist & fog rolls in from the Marin Headlands. Shot by Simon Christen, an ex-Pixar animator turned photographer. Nice original score by The Album Leaf too.

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Bert Danckaert

Simple Present / Bert Danckaert, 2011



Simple Present / Bert Danckaert, 2011

Great images from global cities by Belgian photographer Bert Danckaert. Such a great sense of colour & composition.

Thomas Birke

New York / Thomas Birke, 2009


These are some really, really stunning photographs. Shot with what I assume are very expensive Medium Format cameras, German photographer Thomas Birke has captured some truly mind-bening cityscapes. His fascination with detail also means that he uploads each image to Flickr at massive pixel sizes. These things have to be seen at a large size to believe – check them out on Flickr and then do whatever you can to get up close to a 2×3 metre print. That’s my next plan.

Satoshi Minakawa

Tokyo / Satoshi Minakawa

Great photography by Satoshi Minakawa