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BBC iWonder


BBC iWonder / Studio Output, 2014


BBC iWonder / Studio Output, 2014

Great branding for the BBC by Studio Output. I love that logomark, and the resultingĀ custom typeface, “Curious Sans”.

The capital Q has caused quite a bit of controversy amongstĀ people I work with. Personally I love it. What do you reckon?


I recently discovered that “Curious Sans” is actually a slightly tweaked version of Sharp Sans, by Lucas Sharp. Available here and here.

NASA 1976 Identity Guidelines

NASA 1976 Identity Guidelines

One of my ex-tutors from college is lucky enough to own this incredible document – an original copy of NASA’s identity guidelines from when they re-branded to the ‘worm’ logo, dated January 1976. He very kindly sent me some black & white copies of some of the spreads. One day I will own this book.