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Helsinki / Tim George, 2014

Helsinki / Tim George, 2014

Helsinki / 2014

News: I’ve just uploaded some brand new photography from a recent trip to the Finnish capital. Most of the shots I took were of store fronts and signage. There’s a hell of a lot of neon in the city; a friend of mine joked that it’s there because it gets so dark in the winter, so they need it to find their way around! Maybe there’s some truth in that. Anyway, there’s a lot of really beautiful old signs, amongst many other cool things to check out. Worth a visit!

Bus o’clock

Bus o’clock / Sennep, 2012

Bus o’clock is a beautiful app for the iPhone by Sennep – essential for Londoners. It’s free at the app store, get it now.

The Tube

The Tube / BBC2

If you didn’t catch any of the recent London Underground documentary on BBC2, I strongly advise you to do so.

For those living in London, or at all interested in technology/architecture, it makes for absolutely fascinating viewing — documentary filmmaking at its best. Catch the whole lot on iPlayer while you can.

Herb Lester Associates

Hello Chicago, You Are Here, When we think of Berlin

Charming city maps available from London-based Herb Lester Associates.

Cristoffer Rudquist

Cristoffer Rudquist

Stupidly awesome photography from Cristoffer Rudquist. I like his Japan series especially — really makes me want to fly to Tokyo with a camera.

+ Pool

+ Pool / New York, 2012

This is an amazing idea! 3 guys from NYC are proposing the construction of a floating pool, to let the public swim in the river water itself on hot days. The project needs some funding to get off the ground, but potentially it’s really simple. The pool floats, and the walls filter the river water to make it clean.

They’ve done well so far. And it doesn’t hurt that they’ve got a well designed website too; in fact the whole project is branded nicely.

Good luck guys!

TfL Lost Property Gems

London Transport Lost Property Office / Baker Street

I walked past the TfL Lost Property office at Baker Street the other day and they currently have a lovely display in the window of items found on London transport from the 30s-90s. There’s some really awesome technological relics in there, like VHS cameras and early mobile phones.  A nice touch from TFL.