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Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015 Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015 Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015

Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015

Those guys at Teenage Engineering have done it again. Their brand new line of synths – Pocket Operators – just launched, priced at a mere €59 each. They look stunning, and they sound incredible. I especially love the cases, they feel very influenced by the calculators Dieter Rams designed for Braun. Except with awesome little characters on the buttons like a bird and an octopus.


Project 33

Project 33


Project 33

Check out the blog Project 33 for some great vintage record covers

Metronomy – Reservoir

Metronomy – Reservoir / Daniel Brereton, Matt Lloyd, 2014

Metronomy – Reservoir / Daniel Brereton, Matt Lloyd, 2014

Metronomy – Reservoir / Daniel Brereton, Matt Lloyd, 2014

Metronomy – Reservoir / Daniel Brereton, Matt Lloyd, 2014

New video for Reservoir, the latest single by Metronomy. Directed by Daniel Brereton and animated by Matt Lloyd.

Watch it now

LSO Play


LSO Play / Sennep, 2013

LSO Play / Sennep, 2013

Today I’m very happy to announce that LSO Play has officially launched. It’s a project that I’ve been working on at Sennep for the past year, and we’re all immensely proud of it. Go and check it out!

The site allows you to watch & interact with HD footage of the orchestra performing Ravel’s Bolero. It’s an immersive experience, allowing you roam around the orchestra by changing your camera feeds, learning about how the players perform, and understanding the nuances of conducting. You can also explore a map of the orchestra, learn about the instruments, read performer bios, and watch masterclass videos.

It has to be said that LSO were an absolute dream client to work with. They came to us with a pretty open brief and were completely enthusiastic about everything we came up with. This was a lot of fun to work on!

I’m really pleased with this project, I think it looks awesome and is really fun to play with. I hope you enjoy it too!

In the future LSO will be uploading more videos of different performances, and maybe one day the experience will be translated to an iOS app or similar. In the meantime, I think this project really proves that Flash on the desktop is not dead!

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Jam with Chrome – one of my projects of the year

Jam with Chrome / Illustrator unknown, Google, 2012

Google have bloody well gone and done it again.

‘Jam’, their latest Chrome Experiment, is simply incredible. Just go and play with it, and tell me you don’t grin from ear to ear.

The concept is simple, but the execution is perfect. Pick an instrument (there are 19), and start clicking around to make sounds. This might not sound exciting, but flick on the ‘auto play’ settings. Tune starts sounding pretty good, huh? You can start mixing things up by changing the chords, key, tempo, and effects. It’s intuitive, responsive, and immensely satisfying.

But where things get really, really cool, is when you invite a friend to your jam. In real time, the two (or three, or four) of you can play together. And it sounds awesome.

It works seamlessly too, if you have a decent connection. Throw into the mix some really gorgeous illustrations (I can’t find who did these anywhere! If you know, please tell me in the comments!), nice typography, and really satisfying UI touches, you’ve got yourself one hell of a project.

Bravo indeed.

***UPDATE: from what I can find on the web, the superb illustrations were handled by Rob Bailey from Manchester***

More illustrations below:

Oh yeah, and there’s a really sweet video to promote the whole thing. Boom.

An introduction to the OP–1

An introduction to the OP–1 / Wallpaper, 2012

So Wallpaper* featured an article on the truly awesome Teenage Engineering OP–1 synthesiser last month, and as part of the iPad edition extras, I got to make some films explaining how the thing works.

The tune is a little cheesy and basic, but I hope it gives an introduction as to how easy and quick it is to make music on this great device. I picked it up – with zero prior knowledge of synths – and put together some fun music in no time at all.

Read the article here. Buy the OP–1 here.

Video: Leo Cackett, Edit: Emily McDonald

Teenage Engineering OP–1

OP–1 / Teenage Engineering, 2011

I’m currently obsessing over this synthesiser by Swedish company Teenage Engineering. I mean, just look at it. A gorgeous piece of industrial design.

We’ve been lucky enough to have one knocking about in the office recently, and I can report – even as someone who has zero experience of synths – it’s a joy to use; the UI is staggeringly cool.

Buy it here.

Arrowcat artwork

Only Until / Arrowcat, 2012

Just finished working on this, the artwork for Arrowcat’s new EP ‘Only Until’. A little about the concept — the 6 circles represent the 6 members of the band, building on the earlier artwork I did for the band’s first EP (back when they were called Fourth Wave — see the post here).

I couldn’t find the right type for the job, I wanted something super geometric and clean, so I drew my own.

Listen to the album here.

Mazes — Summer Hits

Summer Hits / Mazes, 2011

Summer Hits or J+J Don’t Like is the second single to be taken from A Thousand Heys by Mazes, and it’s out now on 7″.

Click below to read more about the design process.

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A Thousand Heys / Mazes, 2011

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately. To make up for it, here is an exciting update. I’ve just finished work on the art for A Thousand Heys, the debut album by Mazes.

Released by Fat Cat Records on April 11, it’s a fantastic album. The cover art is based on an original photograph by Josh Vanover, and the inlay photograph on the CD  is by Daniel Tierney. Art direction was by the band and Dave at Fat Cat.

There’s a host of different bundles that you can pre-order here. The 12″ is going to look really special and comes with a risograph A3 print based on Josh’s photography, and also an awesome risograph insert by Amelia Brække-dyer.

It was a cool project to work on, everyone was super laid-back and it was great collaborating with other photographers and illustrators to make the final product come together.