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Project 33

Project 33


Project 33

Check out the blog Project 33 for some great vintage record covers

World Cup Stamps

World Cup Stamps / MAAN Design, 2014

World Cup Stamps / MAAN Design, 2014

Some really lovely stamp designs at this Tumblr, by Portuguese studio MAAN.

Yet another find that I must credit to the Present & Correct Twitter feed.

50s computer brochures

Bendix G-14 General Purpose Digital Computer, 1955

The ERA Computation Center for industry, government and research

Datatron Eletronic Data Processing Systems Handbook Central Comp

General Electric Proudly Presents the NEW GE 150 Data Processing

IBM 705 EDPM Electronic Data Processing Machine, 1955

Teleregister, 1956

An Introduction to the Univac File-Computer System, 1951

Computer History Museum — Brochures / 1950s

Ohhhh my lord what a find. The motherload.

Check out the Computer History Museum for hundreds of PDFs containing high-res scans of computer brochures from the 50s, 60s and 70s. In particular, the 50s examples are amazing; great colours, dynamic layout & outrageous typography.

Thanks to Present & Correct for another great find. If you don’t already follow them, check out their blog & their Twitter for daily graphic gems.

Beer Mat Tat

Beer Mat Tat / Becky Turner, 2014 tumblr_n4oybc18431s3795do1_500 tumblr_n4569hoTE71s3795do1_r2_500Beer Mat Tat / Becky Turner, 2014

Check out Beer Mat Tat – a really nice Tumblr by Becky Turner, showcasing her mum’s collection of vintage beer mats.

And I thought my haul from Paris was good. This puts my efforts to shame!

Paris ephemera — road maps

Paris ephemera — road maps / 2014



Paris ephemera — road maps / 2014

Some lovely fold-out road maps, found at the same market as the beer mats. The ‘BPortugal’ example dates from 1959; the Travel USA one from 1964. Both designer(s) unknown.

The yellow on the Portugal map must be printed in a special – it’s almost fluorescent – unfortunately the camera hasn’t captured its true vibrancy!

Paris ephemera — beer mats

Paris ephemera – beer mats

Paris ephemera / 2014

A few gems I found on a recent trip to Paris, at the Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen. Some lovely type and colours on these beer mats; I would guess they date from the 60s and 70s. I know the Watneys branding was by Design Research Unit, but all the others are of unknown origin.

Maddison Graphic

Boats / Maddison Graphic, 2010

Discovered in the aforementioned Analogue Books, this is a lovely print by Maddison Graphic. Founded in 2006 by brothers Alfie & Edward Maddison, and based in Cambridgeshire, they’ve got a portfolio of really beautiful, simple work.