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Font Men

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Nice documentary about Hoefler Frere-Jones by Dress Code, giving an insight into the world of type design. There’s some great animation work in there too.



TSB – The Story

TSB – The Story / Studio AKA, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 14.49.08

TSB – The Story / Studio AKA, 2013

Stunning 3D short by Studio AKA for TSB banking.

Honda Hands

Hands / Honda, 2013

Amazing new TV spot for Honda. So good.



Adrift / Simon Christen, 2013

Adrift is a stunning time-lapse film of the San Francisco bay area, as mist & fog rolls in from the Marin Headlands. Shot by Simon Christen, an ex-Pixar animator turned photographer. Nice original score by The Album Leaf too.

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Back to the Start

Back to the Start / Nexus Productions for Chipotle, 2012

Absolutely bloody fantastic animation by Nexus Productions for Chipotle. If you only watch one thing this week/month/year… make it this! Beautiful.

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An introduction to the OP–1

An introduction to the OP–1 / Wallpaper, 2012

So Wallpaper* featured an article on the truly awesome Teenage Engineering OP–1 synthesiser last month, and as part of the iPad edition extras, I got to make some films explaining how the thing works.

The tune is a little cheesy and basic, but I hope it gives an introduction as to how easy and quick it is to make music on this great device. I picked it up – with zero prior knowledge of synths – and put together some fun music in no time at all.

Read the article here. Buy the OP–1 here.

Video: Leo Cackett, Edit: Emily McDonald

Slow motion Shuttle footage

Best of the best Shuttle footage

If you can stand the commentary of constant acronyms, this is some of the most technically and aesthetically amazing camera footage you will ever see.

Thank you ISO50 once again.