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Tom Pigeon

Tom Pigeon / 2014



Tom Pigeon / 2014

Tom Pigeon is a creative studio founded by Pete & Kirsty Thomas earlier this year. I first saw their work at the Barbican’s Constructing Worlds exhibition, where they have some really nice architectural prints on sale. They also produce a range of lovingly-crafted products; including jewellery, stationery and prints.

They seem to be living the dream in a beautiful Scottish fishing village called Cellardyke, working out of an old fisherman’s hut. You can read about Cellardyke and how it informs their creative approach here.


Constructivist architecture models

Constructivism models / University of Western Australia, 2014

 Soviet Avant-Garde Constructivist models / University of Western Australia, 2014

Wow, some insanely cool Soviet Constructivist models made by students from the University of Western Australia. So nice!

STS-131 is ‘go’ for launch

Space Shuttle Discovery / STS-131

Discovery is currently sitting on the pad ready for launch on Monday at 6.21am EST (that’s 11.21am UK time). I will be spending my Easter Monday morning watching the launch live on NASA TV, oh yes.

In other absurdly geeky space news, here is a photo of my completed card model of the Space Shuttle stack:

This is a 1:144 model of Columbia from STS-3, the third space shuttle mission, 22 March 1982. The kit was downloaded from the excellent AXM Models and constructed from print-outs on A4 160gsm card. It’s only a trial run really (some of the joins are very messy); I’m going to build a better one from A3 prints so it will be bigger and more awesome.

Eames Sofa

Eames Sofa / Charles & Ray Eames, 1984

Yes please.

AXM Paper Space Models

NASA STS paper model / 1:144 scale / AXM Paper Space Scale Models

Oh my god. Is this the most awesome website ever? Free downloads and instructions on how to build these amazing models!

I Lego NY

I Lego NY / Christoph Niemann, 2009

Great little Lego sculptures from Christoph Niemann. Some work better than others; this one made me smile the most, although that may be down to the use of the word ‘critter’.

In this month’s CR.

Just My Type

Just My Type / Handmade By Machine, 2010

Lovely gift cards from Handmade By Machine, the outlet of Ben Brears. Perfect for the type-lover in your life.