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Sword & Sworcery

S:S&S EP / Superbrothers, 2011

I just started playing this iPad game by Superbrothers – it’s a staggeringly beautiful piece of work. Gorgeous visuals and awesome music, check it out.

Bus o’clock

Bus o’clock / Sennep, 2012

Bus o’clock is a beautiful app for the iPhone by Sennep – essential for Londoners. It’s free at the app store, get it now.

Apollo 8 wallpaper update

Apollo 8 iPad wallpaper

Just a quick update – my iPad wallpaper celebrating the mission of Apollo 8 has now been updated to suit the retina display of the new iPad. That’s a massive resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels, so go wild! Download it here, along with its iPhone counterpart.

iOS 86

iOS 86 concept / Anton Repponen

Ha, lovely idea by NY-based designer Anton Repponen.

See his full portfolio here

Just Us Advent Calendar

Just Us Advent Calendar 2011

Introducing the Just Us Advent Calendar for Christmas 2011. Each day of December, you’ll be able to discover & download a brand new background for your iPad and/or iPhone, each produced by alumni of the Just Us collective.

I’ve got a design somewhere in there, waiting to be revealed.

Desk Phone Dock

Desk Phone Dock / Key Utility, 2010

Yes please! It looks like the days of the landline phone are finally numbered.

In other phone-related news, Apple previewed iPhone OS 4.0 yesterday and it’s making me wish summer would come even sooner. Multitasking at last! And about a million other awesome things. God I can’t wait to get a new iPhone.

2010 for Apple

Apple iSlate and the next Apple iPhone, 2010

I’m already geeking out at the prospect of what Apple has in store for us in 2010. It’s looking ever more likely that the long-awaited ‘tablet Mac’ – rumoured to be called the iSlate – will be announced on January 27th and could, perhaps, look something like the top image. And of course this summer will almost certainly see the release of the next iPhone. I cannot wait.