Book feature: 64GB

64GB / Victionary, 2013

64GB / Victionary, 2013

64GB / Victionary, 2013

64GB / Victionary, 2013

I’m very happy to announce that my work has been featued in this new tome from Hong-Kong based publishers Victionary. 64GB is a compendium of 64 contemporary designers from Great Britain. I’m really honoured to be included alongside some really excellent studios and individuals. Thanks Victionary!

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  1. Great Britain has been home to generations of creative talents. Where the world of design is a melting pot of cultures and functions beyond geographical boundaries, British graphics still stand at the forefront, breaking new ground with new perspectives, improvised skills and global vision.

    Zooming in on the realm of graphic art and visual communication designs, 64GB is a comprehensive profile of 64 goal-driven mavericks who have been aggressively creating high quality solutions for local and international clients from diverse fields. The showcase compiles a breadth of epoch-making projects, spanning corporate & event identities, communications, packaging, editorials, installations and set designs, crafted by established and emerging artists and designers based in the UK.

  2. I want one, it looks very inspirational!!! I am a student of Multimedia in the states, and I wish to get to this level of outcomes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in Advance,

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