Adrift / Simon Christen, 2013

Adrift is a stunning time-lapse film of the San Francisco bay area, as mist & fog rolls in from the Marin Headlands. Shot by Simon Christen, an ex-Pixar animator turned photographer. Nice original score by The Album Leaf too.

Watch now


9 responses to “Adrift

  1. Reblogged this on Of Ink and Coffee and commented:
    Watch this. Right now.

    It is so incredibly beautiful, including the music by Album Leaf. And the dedication the photographer/videographer had to catch these moments is incredibly inspiring.

    What are *you* doing to make the world beautiful today?

  2. Really cool blog! Keep up the good work!

  3. So grateful. So humbled by the patience you have to bring us such refreshing and overwhelming beauty that reminds us of this virtual reality magical mystery tour we are all taking but never seeing such goings on.
    You are a superstar and a national treasure and deserve to be recognized as such.

  4. Reblogged this on Adrift and commented:
    This is jaw-dropping. And I thought the fog was amazing where I go to school…

  5. Reblogueó esto en Gustavo Huerta Oy comentado:
    Adrift, un maravilloso corto de Simon Christen que muestra el fluir de la niebla al amanecer en San Francisco.

  6. Wow, I wonder if your realise that you are in such a beautiful mist if you are at the ground level..

  7. oh it’s just amazing! No much more to say…

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