Three — Bath class of ’13

Sticker books / Alice Bowsher, 2013

Bath maps / Emily Rough, 2013

It’s degree show time of year, and as always I checked out the latest offering from my old college, Bath School of Art & Design. Can’t believe it was 4 years ago that I was setting up our exhibition…seems like yesterday.

Anyway, the show is called “Three” and is on at Hackney Downs Studios until July 10th. I would advise checking it out, there’s some great work on show. Among my favourites were 2 great illustrators, Alice Bowsher and Emily Rough, lovely stuff.


2 responses to “Three — Bath class of ’13

  1. Beautiful work by Alice Bowsher. the option to colour in yourself reminds me of an art group I work with in a psychiatric hospital. One of the guys in the group takes the art books and colours them in instead of using them for drawing inspiration. He really enjoys the colouring in and makes lovely images but people keep trying to stop him and make him do ‘proper’ drawing. I wish i had these images for him to work with 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment. If you’re interested, Alice is currently selling copies of her Tight Rope book, get in touch via her website. However it’s a short edition, so she may have sold them all by now!

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