eBay rebrand critique

eBay rebrand / Lippincott, 2012

I’m sure most of you who follow my blog will be familiar with Brand New, the US-based critique of all things corporate identity.

I highly recommend you read their take on the new eBay logo that has recently been unveiled. It’s a well-articulated & concise tearing apart of one of the most boring identities seen in recent years.

“This logo is not bad. Let’s establish that. There is nothing wrong with it. The letters haven’t been mangled, the colors don’t induce puking, and the ™ is, amazingly, all lowercase to match the logo. But this logo is not good either. Very far from good actually but unfortunately not so far that it demands the full berating it deserves…”



One response to “eBay rebrand critique

  1. i think ebay is good but leave 😦

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