Abandoned Video Stores

Abandoned video stores of the USA / 2012

The internet destroyed the video rental store; we all know this. Here on Flavorwire you can enjoy some great photos of what’s left of this industry – hollow shells scattered all over the US.


2 responses to “Abandoned Video Stores

  1. Over here, in London, they’re being turned into fancy bakeries and shops. What used to be an eyesore, is now sooo swish but I do miss that eyesore. What’s more it symbolises such change, not just how we watch a film, but in Hackney (an interesting, some would say, rundown borough) it’s changing its foundations. Lovely blog with some great images.

  2. I love the photos! It would be hilarious irony if right next to the Video Zone sign there was a Redbox kiosk. People would actually be renting movies from there.

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