Building the Revolution

Gosprom Building, Kharkov, Ukraine / Sergei Serafimov, Mark Felger, and Samuil Kravets, 1929

Water Tower for the Socialist City of Uralmash, Russia / Moisei Reisher, 1929

Last week I saw ‘Building the Revolution‘ at the Royal Academy, which documents the radical spirit of Soviet architecture at the start of the 20th Century (1915–35). During this period of economic and socialist promise, which coincided with the rise of European Modernism, some truly breathtaking – and some truly insane – buildings were designed and constructed across the Soviet Union.

The show features a wealth of stunning photography by Richard Pare (shown above), an English photographer who has been documenting the often neglected state of these buildings since the 1990s.

The show is on until 22 January and Pare has a previously published book of his photography, ‘The Lost Vanguard’, available here.


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