Edgar Martins – The Time Machine

The Time Machine / Edgar Martins, 2011

For photographer Edgar Martins’ latest project, he was commissioned to photograph several hydro-electric power stations in his native Portugal. Using a 10×8 camera, he has captured some truly stunning imagery of these Modern monuments.

The prints are currently on show at the Wapping Project Bankside, although the show is about to finish, so this is somewhat of a badly-timed post. But a book is on the way, and the exhibition will tour. I strongly urge you to see these beautiful pieces up close; the detail Martins captures is astonishing.

It’s always strange when you discover a stunning body of work that’s somehow eluded your cultural radar up to this point. I cannot believe I was not aware of Martins’ work before — I simply love it. His images are so captivating and surreal. A few highlights from his back catalogue of work are shown below. Several books have been published from these incredible projects — I want them all.

01. A Metaphysival Survey of British Dwellings, 2010

02. This Is Not A House, 2008

03. When Light Casts No Shadow, 2008


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