My own little tribute to Steve Jobs

It’s extraordinary to think that a tech businessman from Silicon Valley could generate a universal outpouring of tributes and remembrances when he died, from ordinary people across the world. But I guess that’s Steve Jobs. Not ordinary.

I wanted to share my own reflections on Steve’s life. Amongst the millions and probably billions of messages that have flooded the internet today, and will continue to do so over the coming days and weeks, I decided I wanted to add my own thoughts, because I will really miss him.

It’s weird. How can you miss someone you never met? Of course I never knew him (although he did walk right past me once, whilst I was touring the Apple campus in California), but I suppose he’s been a big influence on my life in many ways. His impact on the technology world will of course be remembered forever. It’s been nothing short of revolutionary. But what’s truly extraordinary is how he touched people’s lives, just by being him.

For years I’ve watched every Apple keynote address, and re-played his past speeches and announcements on stage. It’s hard to say why, really. Here’s a guy in a black sweater and jeans, talking about his company’s latest product. Big deal. This happens all the time, right?

I’ve never watched a speech from Microsoft, or Sony, or Samsung. I couldn’t name the CEO of Amazon, of pick the Google founders out of a line-up. These people have changed my life through their products and businesses, too.

But somehow, just watching Steve was inspirational. It’s rare to find somebody that ‘at ease’ in front of a crowd. He truly knew how to work the room, and boy, you could tell that he loved it. His passion and enthusiasm were so obvious, and so genuine; that’s what made all those videos gripping. He really, truly believed in everything he delivered. And it was exciting to watch. And it made you feel good.

I’m going to miss that. Of course Apple will carry on making awesome stuff, and of course I’ll carry on watching every keynote. But it won’t be the same again.

Thank you, Steve.


One more thing

There are so many amazing tributes to Steve already, that I’ve barely scratched the surface. But, so far, here are a few nice things that I think you should read or watch:

+  Patrick Burgoyne of Creative Review nicely summarises the impact of the Mac on the creative industries

+  A Ding in the Universe by  A Diary of a Mom – Freshly Pressed today

+  Apple’s ‘Think Different’ ad, narrated by Jobs himself

+  And if you’ve never seen it, his speech from Stanford in 2005. Truly inspirational.

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