Super 8 Shuttle Poster

Space Shuttle poster / NASA Space Facts

So I saw the new JJ Abrams movie Super 8 last night. It was good fun overall.

But the most exciting part for me was the awesome Space Shuttle poster on Joe’s bedroom wall. I would love to own this! There’s a pretty good high-res scan on the Super 8 Tumblr which will have to do for now.

Oh yeah, one criticism. Nerd alert! The movie is set in 1979, but the poster clearly dates from after this, as it describes Columbia’s first mission in 1981.

Y’know, just saying.

6 responses to “Super 8 Shuttle Poster

  1. Same here! Walked away from that movie and could not get that poster out of my mind. I even did an ebay search to see if I could get one for my wall. Good stuff.

    • I also looked into it Mike; the poster seems to be quite well known. The illustration is by Barron Storey from 1978. There have been a few copies of the poster floating around on eBay recently, keep an eye out.

      I think the high-res image of the poster on the Super 8 website is a fake though – or at least a tweaked version of the genuine NASA poster from ’78 (see The version from the film has lost the illustrations surrounding the Shuttle itself (a good call in my opinion), and the old NASA logo. Also if you read the text carefully it describes the entire history of Columbia, up until the disaster of 2003.

  2. Wow, so they redesigned it for the film. Impressive. I didn’t even realize the NASA worm logo was missing. Overall, I think they did a really nice job with the vintage ephemera throughout the film…despite having been a couple years off on a few occasions.

    Thanks for all the info and I’ll definitely make sure to keep an eye out for it on eBay.

  3. I received one of these in August of 1981 and it is still in the original envelope, though it was hung on a wall with four tacks briefly. It is one of those collectibles I am really proud of.

  4. I have one I found at my dad’s house and am thinking of selling it. Still interested?

    • Hi Lena, thanks for the heads up but I already own a copy of the poster. I found one on eBay about a year ago. Cheers!

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