Mazes — Summer Hits

Summer Hits / Mazes, 2011

Summer Hits or J+J Don’t Like is the second single to be taken from A Thousand Heys by Mazes, and it’s out now on 7″.

Click below to read more about the design process.

I worked on the type for the cover art (it’s a photo of drummer Neil) and the sleeve reverse. Continuing the hand-made theme from the album and the first single Most Days, every piece of text was hand rendered. This is something I really enjoy doing for the Mazes campaign and something that I think lends it a certain authenticity. I re-write the text for everything, be it a poster, web banner, or music release. I’ve probably written the word MAZES enough times to categorise me clinically insane.

For the back of the sleeve I took things a little further and wrote everything on the pavement with chalk. I was really pleased with how this turned out. I originally intended to keep the whole lot within a single square of paving slab, but things soon got out of hand and spilled across a larger area, but I think this is what makes the thing work so well.

Doing stuff like this for real is always so much more effective than a Photoshop comp. It’s fun to get your hands dirty with a process like this too.


You can hear the track and watch the video here.






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