20 Houses: A New Residential Landscape

Holiday home / Fourfoursixsix, 2011

To coincide with the 2011 Architects Directory in the latest issue of Wallpaper*, a new exhibition titled “20 Houses: A New Residential Landscape” is currently on show at The Architecture Foundation in London. For the directory and show, 20 practices from around the world were given an open brief to design their ideal holiday home. The resulting designs are being exhibited until 14 July. It’s well worth a visit to see some beautifully made models and exciting designs.

And for graphic design geeks, another exciting feature of the show (and latest issue of the mag) is the use of ‘Prismaset’, a new typeface by James Goggin and Lineto.com. Inspired by the original Prisma, a display face designed in 1931 by Rudolf Koch, this modern version adds not only a lower case and full set of glyphs, but also a solid version, and three- and five-line  variants. It’s a really, really beautiful font, full of quirks and charm. It was a joy to use whilst designing the July issue of the mag, and I urge you to buy a copy and check it out.


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