Chinese Superstructures

CCTV Building / OMA

Guangzhou Opera House / Zaha Hadid

Linked Hybrid Building / Steven Holl

This is a bit of a mish-mash architecture post. Originally I was intending to write something about the New Court Rothschild Bank HQ, by Rem Koolhaas’s OMA. The building continues to delight me as I pass it every day; I just love the audacity of that ‘Sky Pavillion’ as OMA describe it, peeking it’s head out above the density of the City below. It’s such a peculiar scale too, a crisp grey cube not much bigger than an average house, floating high over the bulk of the building.

Anyway that led me onto this interview with Koolhaas, featured in the FT in January. And that led me onto featuring some of my favourite Chinese contemporary architecture: OMA’s CCTV building, Zaha Hadid’s opera house in Guangzhou, and Steven Holl’s Linked Hybrid Building. Each is spectacular in a different way, and represent the truly changing face of Chinese buildings.

Oh, and here’s that Rothschild Bank HQ. Superb.


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