Soviet Ekranoplan

Soviet Ekranoplan / 1980s

Belive it or not, this incredible-looking vehicle is real, and actually worked. It’s an ‘Ekranoplan’, or Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV), developed by the Soviet Union in the 70s and 80s. By exploiting a cushion of high-pressure air, this contraption was able to fly at high speed just above the ocean. Not quite a plane and not quite a ship, it was undetecable by radar and very, very quick. Check out some footage on YouTube and these incredible photos of a now decaying Ekranoplan somewhere in Russia.


4 responses to “Soviet Ekranoplan

  1. I forget the name, but there was another airplane (Soviet I think), that was meant to fly low over the ocean and also used the GEV, but had curved wings to help funnel the air.Also, Boeing’s Phantom Works Research and Development unit is working on the “Pelican”, which uses the same effect.

  2. You have a typo — Not Erkanoplan, but Ekranoplan (Экраноплан in russian).

  3. wow that’s incredible, thanks for posting

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