Treats – the book

Treats: the notebook / 2010

I’ve been meaning to post this up for a while. It’s a little project I did for a friend’s birthday – a notebook celebrating the legendary Treats, Baker Street’s finest purveyor of delicious food & snacks. I love Treats, it’s kept me going through 23 years of hellish commuting with wondrous products like this. What’s that you say? A product that’s like a sausage roll, but vege? I’m sold! But there’s more? It also comes in Spicy Chicken! Oh Treats, you spoil us.

The book is A6 in size and printed on a variety of different coloured 80gsm stocks. There are blank and ruled notebook pages, interspersed with the masterful Treats logo, and photographs of delicious, healthy Treats.

The cover is made from an actual Treats paper bag (unused, I hasten to add), and the whole thing is bound with a concealed metal fastening onto a thick base.

Yes, I did get carried away with this project.


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