Just Us blog

I’ve been asked to be a contributor to the blog at Just Us. Last year I was a member of the excellent design collective, which was conceived as a coming together of third-year design students from across the country. This year it will be growing into a bigger and better online community, showcasing the best of last year’s “alumni”, a fresh batch of new talent, and features such as the blog.

Things may get a little quieter on my own blog, as I’ll post the most exciting design / illustration / photography / architecture stuff on Just Us. But hey, their blog looks a lot nicer than mine. And I’ll still be updating this with inane news about my personal design work, and other nerdy stuff that I’m into, like NASA and Apple news.

Check out Just Us now!

One response to “Just Us blog

  1. Nice..All the best for joining into “Just Us”..at the same time website design company is still looking for talented people..get your students ready for that!

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