STS-131 is ‘go’ for launch

Space Shuttle Discovery / STS-131

Discovery is currently sitting on the pad ready for launch on Monday at 6.21am EST (that’s 11.21am UK time). I will be spending my Easter Monday morning watching the launch live on NASA TV, oh yes.

In other absurdly geeky space news, here is a photo of my completed card model of the Space Shuttle stack:

This is a 1:144 model of Columbia from STS-3, the third space shuttle mission, 22 March 1982. The kit was downloaded from the excellent AXM Models and constructed from print-outs on A4 160gsm card. It’s only a trial run really (some of the joins are very messy); I’m going to build a better one from A3 prints so it will be bigger and more awesome.


2 responses to “STS-131 is ‘go’ for launch

  1. Cool! Maybe I’ll attempt that with a Shuttle…

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