I’m Here by Spike Jonze

I’m Here / Spike Jonze, 2010

This is a stunning short film written and directed by Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Where The Wild Things Are) in association with Absolut Vodka. The beautifully shot 30-min film follows a touching love story between two robots set in L.A., complete with awesome soundtrack. This really is a thing of beauty, so lovingly crafted and completely absorbing. You can watch the whole film for free at imheremovie.com

This is a great piece of promotion by Absolut, who were completely hands-off with the whole development. You won’t see a single mention of the brand name let alone any dodgy product placement. They just gave Jonze the chance to make the film he wanted. It’s refreshing to see a brand encourage something so creative without forcing their way in somehow.

Something has to be said for the quality of the web experience too. This is one of the best uses of Flash I’ve ever seen. The experience starts outside a real cinema, and allows you to walk in and sit down to watch the film from ‘inside’ the theatre, with the video expanding to full-screen glory in incredibly high resolution. The whole thing is faultless; the interactive experience doesn’t stall or hiccup and allows you to enjoy the immersive feel without getting in the way of the film. And it’s really like watching a DVD on your Mac the quality is so high. What a great all-round project.


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