Canteen’s First Cookbook

Canteen: Great British Food / Hudson-Powell, 2010

I just got hold of a copy of Canteen’s first recipe book, and wow it’s a beautiful object. This is the finest cookbook I have ever seen.

Canteen is one of my favourite places to eat in London. They serve simple, delicious British food and show a truly unrivalled attention to detail with every aspect of design. The interiors are understated and elegant, and all the graphics, by Hudson-Powell, just ooze class and subtle refinement. Half the time I’d rather stare at the menus than eat any food.

I love their use of type. I’m assuming the Canteen typeface is a custom job by H-P but I could be wrong. It looks to me like a refined mixture of Gill and Johnston, taking the best elements of both – perhaps the ultimate ‘British’ font. I love the upper-case R and S. There’s also a set of really beautiful old-stlye numerals, which just make those ingredients look all the more apetising:

Buy this book now. You won’t ever need Jamie, Hugh or Nigella again.


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