The end

I haven’t posted anything on this blog for over a year; I think it’s time to accept that the era of blogging, for me anyway, is over.

I enjoyed keeping a blog, it was an important and useful part of developing as a designer after I left uni and entered the real world. But since 2009, a lot of other tools have come along which kind of rendered a graphic design blog obsolete – Instagram, Pinterest, Delicious and so on.

I considered deleting the account, but there are 400+ posts on here, and hopefully some of them are still interesting and relevant. Quite often I get friends of mine tell me that they’ve done a Google image search for something, and the top results are images from my blog. So I may as well leave it online for preservation.

Thanks to anyone who read and commented on my posts. I’m still online here.

Spencer Wilton




Photography by Spencer Wilton

Great portfolio of photography by Spencer Wilton. I especially like his shots from the ‘Desert States’ of the USA, they’ve got a really relaxed, 1970’s, Stephen-Shore-esque character to them.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015 Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015 Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015

Pocket Operators / Teenage Engineering, 2015

Those guys at Teenage Engineering have done it again. Their brand new line of synths – Pocket Operators – just launched, priced at a mere €59 each. They look stunning, and they sound incredible. I especially love the cases, they feel very influenced by the calculators Dieter Rams designed for Braun. Except with awesome little characters on the buttons like a bird and an octopus.


2012 NYC Subway Map

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012

Uh oh. Check out this re-released print of the famous NYC subway map, originally designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1972, updated in 2012. Printed in vivid Pantone and Hexachrome inks on archival cover-weight paper.

Also coming soon are these great ‘detail’ posters, showing sections of the map blown up and tightly cropped. No word on pricing for those yet…

NYC subway map / Vignelli Associates, 2012


Kevin Dart

Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavour / Kevin Dart, 2013


Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavour / Voyager / Kevin Dart

Wow. I can’t believe these haven’t cropped up on my radar before now. Absolutely stunning space prints from Kevin Dart, an American illustrator with a beautiful, painterly, cinematic style. No surprise to find out he’s worked on concept art for a lot of recent blockbusters like Interstellar and Big Hero 6.


My blog in numbers

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Designing UX for wearables

Bus O'Clock for Apple Watch / Sennep, 2015

Bus O’Clock for Apple Watch / Sennep, 2015

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Apple have now released WatchKit so that developers can begin building apps for the Apple Watch, due to be released next spring. Here at Sennep we’ve already begun work on adapting our popular iOS app Bus O’Clock for the wrist, and so far it’s proving an interesting challenge! It’s the first time I’ve ever had to design something for such a ridiculously small area – it really forces you consider what information is crucial to the user, and when they should see it. In some ways it’s enjoyable being so ruthless. Hopefully the app should be fun to use and really useful… we’re looking forward to seeing it take shape next year!

Check out the teaser video now