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Saturn V at Kennedy Space Center / 2011

I finally got around to uploading some photos from my recent American adventure. Check them out at my Flickr.

Mike Bayne

Yellow and Brown / Mike Bayne, 2010

Mike Bayne is an artist from Canada who creates stunning, hyper-real paintings of North-American banality. The images captivated me at first sight; then when I discovered they were paintings and not photographs, I was doubly intrigued. I could spend hours gazing at these peaceful, mundane settings.

First seen on ISO50.

1940s Kodachromes

1940s Kodachromes

Just discovered the website Shorpy, an archive of historical photographs. The section of 4×5 Kodachromes from war-time America is quite stunning. The rich colours and pin-sharp details make for quite surreal images – I’ve never seen pictures from this era documented so realistically. Some beautiful planes too.

Check out the whole gallery here


Traffic / Benny Chan, 2010

Gorgeous aerial photography of LA by Benny Chan.

Seen on ISO50.

Kiran Master

Kiran Master / photography

Lovely photography from Kiran Master.

Via James Greenfield

Vans and the Places Where They Were.

Vans and the Place Where They Were / Joe Stevens, 1996 – present

A beautiful photographic collection by Joe Stevens tracing the slow decline of customised vans on the West coast of America. I also love this, from the ethos behind the project:

“Notably, at the same time these vans have been disappearing from our roads, film photography as a visual medium has also begun it’s slow death. Consequently the goal of the project is to one day shoot the last remaining van on the final frame of photographic film in existence. Then the project will be finished.”

Via ISO50

A sad day for human space exploration?

NASA Ares I rocket / Visualisation, 2009

Yesterday President Obama announced his budget for 2011 which delivered a crushing blow to NASA’s Constellation program – the  agency’s current plan to get humans back on the Moon and perhaps beyond. The decision calls for Constellation to be scrapped in favour of investing money into helping commercial spaceflight.

I’m not sure how I feel about this news. To be honest, Constellation always felt like kind of a waste of money anyway. With the Shuttle fleet retiring this year, there was still going to be at least a 5 year gap before the Ares rockets were ready to take humans back into space. But it also seems crazy to me that private companies should be entrusted with US spaceflight. I wholeheartedly endorse commerical space exploration – Branson’s Virgin Galactic looks like the most exciting thing ever – but surely the fledgling industry just isn’t ready to replace the might of a government institution like NASA? And in the mean time countries like China, India and Japan are forging ahead in their national space efforts. We’ll surely see Chinese astronauts on the Moon and indeed on Mars before Americans.

Overall the news just fills me with a sadness and a longing for the glory days of NASA in the 60s. I can’t help but feel that what was once the greatest example of human achievement looks like it is beginnging to fade away. I hope I’m wrong.