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We Are Bito / Bito, 2014

We Are Bito / Bito, 2014

Also loving this motion graphics piece by Bito.

Exploring http://www.vimeo.com/channels/nicetype is a great way to spend an afternoon if you’re into your animated typography & sweet motion tings.

BBC iWonder


BBC iWonder / Studio Output, 2014


BBC iWonder / Studio Output, 2014

Great branding for the BBC by Studio Output. I love that logomark, and the resulting custom typeface, “Curious Sans”.

The capital Q has caused quite a bit of controversy amongst people I work with. Personally I love it. What do you reckon?


I recently discovered that “Curious Sans” is actually a slightly tweaked version of Sharp Sans, by Lucas Sharp. Available here and here.

Beer Mat Tat

Beer Mat Tat / Becky Turner, 2014 tumblr_n4oybc18431s3795do1_500 tumblr_n4569hoTE71s3795do1_r2_500Beer Mat Tat / Becky Turner, 2014

Check out Beer Mat Tat – a really nice Tumblr by Becky Turner, showcasing her mum’s collection of vintage beer mats.

And I thought my haul from Paris was good. This puts my efforts to shame!

Font Men

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Nice documentary about Hoefler Frere-Jones by Dress Code, giving an insight into the world of type design. There’s some great animation work in there too.


New photography – TfL Acton Depot

Acton Depot / Tim George, 2013

Acton Depot / Tim George, 2013

Acton Depot / Tim George, 2013

Acton Depot / 2013

Some new shots are now up on my Flickr – taken during a tour of the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton, West London.

If you’re in any way interested in graphic design, typography, and/or trains, I would suggest you get down there as soon as you can. It’s an absolute treasure trove of beautiful items from the network’s rich 150-year history.

Unfortunately, being a depot, there’s very little natural light, so please excuse the grainy, artificial tone of the shots. I’m sure you’ll agree, the content more than makes up for it.

Johnston turns 100


Johnston, 1913-16

Nice article on Wired celebrating 100 years of Johnston’s timeless classic for the London Underground. In my opinion, the best typeface ever designed.

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum photography / 2012

Just uploaded some new photos to my Flickr. If you haven’t been to the London Transport Museum, and you’re in any way interested in graphic design, maps, posters, or typography… get down there right now.


Bariol / Atipo, 2012

Bariol is a gorgeous new rounded typeface from Atipo. You can download the regular version for free – and the extra 3 weights for the ridiculously fair price of €3 – by clicking here. There’s also a beautiful specimen booklet available as a free PDF; some of my favourite pages are shown above.

Via Nylllon

Province Studio

‘Tomic’ and ‘Deconstruct’ / Province Studio, 2012

Some lovely type from Russian studio Province.

Via Brand New.

FF Chartwell

FF Chartwell / Travis Kochel, 2011

What a stroke of genius. FF Chartwell is a typeface that converts the numbers you type into graphs and charts. A simple but beautiful idea, superbly executed.