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Mail Rail


Exploring the Post Office Railway 3

Exploring the Post Office Railway

Wow. And I thought my visit to Aldwych abandoned station was impressive… these guys from Silent UK (an urban exploration blog) managed to access and explore the entirety of the ‘Mail Rail’ – an underground railway built beneath London to transport post from East to West, and abandoned since 2003.

Amazing pictures and words here.

London Loop

London Loop / Tudor Prisăcariu, 2011

London Loop / Tudor Prisăcariu, 2011

London Loop / Tudor Prisăcariu, 2011

London Loop / Tudor Prisăcariu, 2011 

London Loop / Tudor Prisăcariu, 2011

London Loop / Tudor Prisăcariu, 2011

Ex-Sennep designer Tudor Prisăcariu has launched another of his epic photography projects – from 2011 when he walked the London Loop. This series shows a really interesting insight to London and its suburbs; there are scenes of great natural beauty juxtaposed with some really grim areas of urban decay. It all adds up to a fascinating and unusual portrayal of the city.

New photos

Untitled / Stoke Newington, 2012

Some new photography now on my Flickr.

Shoreditch Snapshot

Shoreditch / Tudor Prisacariu, 2012

Tudor from Sennep has just produced this great series of landscape shots documenting Shoreditch in East London.

Bus o’clock

Bus o’clock / Sennep, 2012

Bus o’clock is a beautiful app for the iPhone by Sennep – essential for Londoners. It’s free at the app store, get it now.

Modern Architecture London


OK, this is a pretty astonishing resource for people interested in London’s modern architecture. Mark Osborne has so far catalogued over 250 buildings on his site, each plotted on a map, and shown with photographs, info, and in some cases, floorplans.

Back in 2009 I posted about my attempt to start a Google Map of all my favourite buildings in London. I thought I was doing well (see the current state of the map here), but my efforts absolutely pail in comparison with this guy! Nice one Mark!

dn&co. updates

200 Aldersgate / dn&co. 2011

The guys over at dn&co. have updated with a brand new website. It’s a simple but beautifully made folio of their recent work, such as this identity for 200 Aldersgate. There’s also some snapshots of their new studio space, which looks rather nice indeed.


Love London Council Housing

Trellick Tower / Photo by Adreak, Love London Council Housing

Love London Council Housing is a really informative and well-written blog, posting regular updates about the capital’s many council housing schemes. It’s great to find out some more history about some of the iconic buildings that are so frequently seen, in all areas of the city. It’s also quite refreshing to find a lot of them are no longer bad places to live, despite their grim exteriors. The entry on Trellick Tower is good, and also has a link to this Guardian article from 1999, which is well worth a read.

Peter Forsyth

Brockwell Lido Exhibition / Peter Forsyth, 2011

Saw these rather nice prints by Peter Forsyth on show at the Brockwell Lido in South London.

TFL upgrade posters

Upgrades poster / Transport for London, 2011

A s a general rule I admire all of TfL’s graphic work, but this new poster has been catching my eye lately. There’s something really satisfying about its simplicity. It draws attention to the beauty of Johnston too, more so than usual;  which is probably why I like it so much.