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Shape / Johnny Kelly, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 18.46.47

Shape / Johnny Kelly, 2014

A really, really lovely piece of animation from Johnny Kelly for Pivot Dublin & Dublin City Council, to get youngsters thinking about design.

Watch right now!

Font Men

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Font Men / Dress Code, 2014

Nice documentary about Hoefler Frere-Jones by Dress Code, giving an insight into the world of type design. There’s some great animation work in there too.


Matt Lloyd showreel

Showreel / Matt Lloyd, 2014

Showreel / Matt Lloyd, 2014

Nice new animation showreel from master of pencils Matt Lloyd

Watch here

TSB – The Story

TSB – The Story / Studio AKA, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 14.49.08

TSB – The Story / Studio AKA, 2013

Stunning 3D short by Studio AKA for TSB banking.

Sebas and Clim

Showreel / Sebas and Clim, 2013

Showreel / Sebas and Clim, 2013

A truly outstanding showreel from Sebas and Clim – two master animators working in London. Beautiful stuff.

Work Inspired

Work Inspired, Mindjet / JESS3, 2012

Lovely animation by JESS3 for Mindjet.

Found via Animade.

Back to the Start

Back to the Start / Nexus Productions for Chipotle, 2012

Absolutely bloody fantastic animation by Nexus Productions for Chipotle. If you only watch one thing this week/month/year… make it this! Beautiful.

Watch now

Measuring the Universe

Measuring the Universe / Richard Hogg, 2012

Lovely astro-physics animation from the always-brilliant Richard Hogg.


Doit Science / Onionskin, 2012

There seems to be a lot of ridiculously nice animations around at the moment, and this beauty from Japanese studio Onionskin is right up there with the best of them. Watch. This. Now.

Where Things Come From

Where Things Come From / Hardy Seiler, 2012

Ridiculously beautiful animation on Vimeo, by Hardy Seiler. Really, really nice.