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Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas 2011

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Flickr update

Sprocket Rocket photographs

My girlfriend just got these prints developed from various recent adventures. They were taken using a Lomo Sprocket Rocket camera. I usually champion digital photography over ‘toy cameras’  like the Lomo, but these have turned out really, really nice.

She doesn’t have a Flickr, so see ‘em all on mine.

200 posts

November 2009 — June 2011

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Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for reading.

Collective Approach

British Council / Collective Approach

A really stunning portfolio of both print & digital work from this new London-based studio, formed from talent with a rich design heritage – MadeThought, BB/Saunders, Moving Brands and Airside.

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Bibliothèque talk

Bibliothèque / LongLunch 17 May 2010

I attended an excellent talk by Bibliothèque at the Design Museum last night. For me, it was most interesting to hear Tim & Mason describe their process of working with the client and building a solid relationship of trust, allowing them to execute really beautiful, crafted and, above all, simple graphic communications.

Keep an eye on their site, which is due for a massive overhaul very soon.

The Beginning of The End

STS-132 launch / May 14 2010

Space Shuttle Atlantis succesfully launched on Friday on mission STS-132 to the International Space Station. This is the last flight Atlantis will make. She first flew in 1985.

Endeavour and Discovery will fly once more each later this year, and then the Shuttle program will be over, leaving an incredible legacy of human enterprise, exploration and innovation over 29 years.

Watch the launch in beautiful HD here.

Venn Mill

Venn Mill

Photography from a water mill, c 1790.

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