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Highbury house by Paul Archer

Highbury Hill / Paul Archer, 2013

Highbury Hill / Paul Archer Design, 2013

Highbury Hill / Paul Archer Design, 2013

Highbury Hill / Paul Archer Design, 2013

Staying on an architectural theme, this family house has just been sold in Highbury, renovated by Paul Archer Design. Truly stunning.

More photographs by Andy Stagg – here

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios — new website

Southbank Centre / FCB Studios, 2017

RAF Cold War Museum / FCB Studios, 2006

The Hive / FCBS, 2012

New website / FCB Studios / Sennep, 2014

I’m pleased to say the new website for Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios is now live. This was a massive job that I worked on at Sennep for a little over a year, completely overhauling the site from the ground up.

The practice has been going since the 70s and has amassed an astonishing portfolio of work. Pictured above are:

Southbank Centre, est 2017
RAF Cold War Museum, 2006
Worcester Library, 2012

Check out the site to see lots more!

Mail Rail


Exploring the Post Office Railway 3

Exploring the Post Office Railway

Wow. And I thought my visit to Aldwych abandoned station was impressive… these guys from Silent UK (an urban exploration blog) managed to access and explore the entirety of the ‘Mail Rail’ – an underground railway built beneath London to transport post from East to West, and abandoned since 2003.

Amazing pictures and words here.

Bert Danckaert

Simple Present / Bert Danckaert, 2011



Simple Present / Bert Danckaert, 2011

Great images from global cities by Belgian photographer Bert Danckaert. Such a great sense of colour & composition.

Exploring Aldwych

Aldwych 17

Aldwych station / photographs, 2012

New photography on my Flickr page  – exploring the now disused Aldwych tube station (more info here)

Shoreditch Snapshot

Shoreditch / Tudor Prisacariu, 2012

Tudor from Sennep has just produced this great series of landscape shots documenting Shoreditch in East London.

Borrow Build Abandon

Borrow Build Abandon / Jamie McGregor Smith, 2012

Now that London 2012 is in full swing, I think more or less everyone has agreed that we’ve built some bloody beautiful buildings for the Games. What will prove to be the real test though, in terms of ‘successful’ architecture, is what happens in the years to come.

The planners and architects for London 2012 were determined that we wouldn’t be saddled with useless buildings for years, so many structures will come down completely, whereas others, like the main stadium and aquatic centre, will be ‘deconstructed’ into smaller versions.

Greece, however, did not plan so well. Photographer Jamie McGregor Smith has been documenting the mess that resulted from the Athens games in 2004. Only 3 of the 22 purpose-built structures remain in use, the others costing $100 million a year in upkeep costs. Ouch!

An exhibition of Jamie’s photographs opens in September.

Fogo Island Arts Corporation

Bridge Studio & Squish Studio / Fogo Island Arts Corporation, 2012

Absolutely stunning artists’ studios in the wilderness of Canada’s Fogo Island, for the Fogo Island Arts Corporation.

Architecture by Saunders.

Modern Architecture London

OK, this is a pretty astonishing resource for people interested in London’s modern architecture. Mark Osborne has so far catalogued over 250 buildings on his site, each plotted on a map, and shown with photographs, info, and in some cases, floorplans.

Back in 2009 I posted about my attempt to start a Google Map of all my favourite buildings in London. I thought I was doing well (see the current state of the map here), but my efforts absolutely pail in comparison with this guy! Nice one Mark!

This Is Not A House

This Is Not A House / Edgar Martins, 2009

An exhibition of Martins’ project exploring the US housing crisis is opening at The Wapping Project this week. Can’t wait to see some of these stunning images up-close. See my previous post about Martins here.